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About Us

The Clinic has been operated by Jeanne Hudson, its current proprietor, for over 30 years

supported by our qualified laser technicians/electrolysists Judith & Charlotte

The Electrolysis and Laser Clinic is also the home of the Maidstone Counselling & Hypnotherapy Centre

which has been operating for over 15 years.

For more information regarding counselling please call 01622 766266 or click here

Electrolysis to remove unwanted hair was first attempted in 1869 by American ophthalmologist Dr. Charles Michel. He used the technology to remove ingrown eyelashes and reported his methods in 1875. Electrolysis was the first permanent hair removal method.

A significant improvement in hair removal by electrolysis came in 1916, when New York professor Paul Kree developed multiple probe technology, allowing many hair follicles to be treated at the same time. In 1924, French physician Dr. Henri Bordier developed an alternative method of electrolysis, called thermolysis or diathermy, in which the hair follicle is overheated and destroyed.

The Electrolysis Centre was established in 1946 by the Franczak family, a Polish husband and wife team who came to England after the war and originally rented premises in Mill Street, Maidstone. As their business grew they also started a clinic in Bromley, Kent.

They were the founder members and instigators of the Institute of Electrolysis.
Mrs Franczak unfortunately died and so Mr Franczak carried on in the business with staff that he had trained personally.

Sadly Mr. Franczak died suddenly from a heart attack one evening when he was locking up the business for the day which by then had moved to Lower Stone Street.
Geraldine Franczak, his daughter-in-law, then took over the business until 1983 when it was taken over by the present owner Jeanne Hooper. Geraldine was a tutor in electrolysis and personally trained Jeanne on a one to one basis.

In the early days the clinic only did electrolysis but later moved on to other beauty treatments  The name was changed to Electrolysis and Laser clinic 10 years ago trying not to lose the original name but to also incorporate in the name our laser treatments as well.

Now the clinic specialises not only in hair removal with electrolysis but also with IPL laser which is much quicker and more comfortable for the client, although we find that electrolysis is still very popular. Results can be seen after a couple of treatments, although a course of treatment is required to receive the best results.

We also specialise in skin treatments ranging from rosacea, pigmentation, milia (white spots) skin tags, broken veins and acne and skin rejuvenation.

Unwanted hair has been a problem for people for centuries dating back to the Roman times when ‘sugaring’ (a sticky paste, sometimes beeswax) was used to remove unwanted hair.

Nowadays fashions have changed and both men and women desire less hair.

We believe our business owes its success to our unique, friendly approach and we know that our honesty, compassion, professionalism and good results speak for themselves. We would never offer treatment to someone if we did not truly believe that we could improve their situation ... and while not wishing to appear to ‘blow our own trumpet’ we’re proud to have three generations of family members coming to us for treatments with most of our work generated by recommendations.

This year we are celebrating 37 years of business having the same owner and would like to thank all our loyal clients for our success and longevity without whom we would not still be here.

We would also like extend a welcome to any prospective clients and if any of our treatments are something you have been thinking about for a while (which most clients do) please take advantage of our free consultations for all our treatments, with these being carried out by an empathetic member of our staff, either Judith or Sadie.


The longest serving staff member, first starting as a receptionist in 1987

Has been an Electrologist

Therapist for 16 years, also very experienced in IPL hair removal, IPL Skin Rejuvenation and Advanced Electrolysis


Aesthetic & Beauty Therapist & Manager
with 19 years experience within the industry

Specialising in Aesthetic Skin Treatments, Electrolysis, IPL Hair Removal and Tattoo Removal